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What is microelectronics

Microelectronics is a discipline represented by integrated circuit design, manufacturing and applica

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Microelectronics is a discipline represented by integrated circuit design, manufacturing and application. It is one of the most rapidly developing high-tech applied disciplines in modern times. This major is mainly to train senior professionals who master the design, manufacturing process and design software system of integrated circuits and microelectronic systems, and can engage in scientific research, teaching, engineering technology and technical management in microelectronics and related fields.

The main destination is to apply for graduate students in microelectronics, solid-state electronics, communication, computer science and other disciplines, and engage in development and research in integrated circuit manufacturers, integrated circuit design centers, communication, computer and other information science and technology fields.

Graduates should acquire the following knowledge and abilities:

1. Master the basic theories and knowledge of mathematics and physics;

2. Master the basic theories and knowledge of solid-state physics, electronics and VLSI design and manufacturing, master the analysis and design methods of integrated circuits and other semiconductor devices, and have the basic ability to independently carry out layout design, device performance analysis and guide VLSI process flow;

3. Understand the general principles and knowledge of similar majors;

4. Familiar with national electronic industry policies, relevant intellectual property rights and other laws and regulations at home and abroad;

5. Understand the theoretical frontier, application prospect and latest development trend of VLSI and other new semiconductor devices, as well as the development status of electronic industry;

6. Master the basic methods of data query, literature retrieval and using modern information technology to obtain relevant information; Have the ability to participate in the experiment, summarize and exchange the experimental results, and have certain academic conditions.


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