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What food should the baby eat for six months?

Infants under the age of one year should still focus on milk, and supplementary food should be added

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Infants under the age of one year should still focus on milk, and supplementary food should be added on the basis of ensuring the amount of 700 ~ 800 ml milk every day.

The first supplementary food added should be egg yolk. Egg yolk powder can be mixed with boiled water and eaten by the baby in the middle of two feeding; Can also be directly transferred into rice flour. Egg yolk porridge can be changed for about 6 months; 7. Steamed eggs (including egg white) can be eaten at 8 months.

Tips: babies should not be fed egg white within 6 months

The development of digestive tract mucosal barrier of infants within 6 months is not complete, while the protein molecules in egg white are small, which is easy to enter the blood through intestinal mucosa, causing allergic reactions, such as eczema and urticaria.

Adding method of rice flour

Don't add supplementary food to your child before going to bed. When I first started to add supplementary food, I also listened to what others taught me. Before going to bed, I added some rice flour to my milk. I said it would make me fuller and sleep longer. But I found that the baby can't sleep long. He still gets up and feeds several times at night.

Later, I consulted the child care doctor. The doctor told me that the fact is that milk is more resistant to hunger than rice flour, because the nutrients in milk are much better than rice flour. Children should be fed with milk before going to bed (around ten o'clock).

The correct way to add complementary foods should be that the first addition is recommended in the morning. The doctor said that even if there is any discomfort after eating, he can see the doctor in the afternoon. It is enough to add one supplementary food every day for 6 months. Six months later, you can add another meal of rice flour or porridge around 6 p.m. (that is, more than 6 p.m., the general time for dinner). By 10 p.m., it is still a large bottle of milk, so that the baby will be very full and can sleep well at night. Rice flour is regarded as a staple food. After feeding late rice flour, it is fed every 3 ~ 4 hours. For the first time, you can dilute it, put it in the bottle and let him suck it, and gradually thicken it. After two weeks, you must transition to spoon feeding instead of using the bottle.

With the improvement of children's gastrointestinal function, while adding rice flour, it can also increase the animal blood of chickens, ducks and pigs, as well as iron rich and easily absorbed foods such as lean meat surimi, fish mud, pig liver mud and chicken liver mud, which can be directly transferred into rice flour. Note: do not add any condiments within 1 year old.

Addition of vegetable juice.

Infants and young children should not drink synthetic drinks on the market. They should use special baby drinks or their own freshly squeezed fruit juice, which can only be drunk after being diluted with water 1:1. You can also make your own vegetable juice. The method is to wash the fresh vegetables, cut them into small sections, add water and boil them thoroughly, and take the vegetable juice (just juice) to drink. For example, celery juice is effective for constipation and carrot juice is effective for diarrhea.

Key points of supplementary food addition: from single to diversified, from less to more, from thin to thick, from soft to slightly hard. If gastrointestinal intolerance occurs during the addition of supplementary food, feeding should be stopped and added gradually after the gastrointestinal function recovers as usual.

The correct order of adding complementary foods is:

Vegetarians can only be added at the age of 4 months

Meat (meat) food can be added at the age of 6 months

Seafood can only be added at the age of 9 months

Here I'll give you a timetable for reference:

The first breakfast milk (milk powder) is about 6:00 a.m

The second breakfast supplement (rice flour, porridge, rotten noodles) is about 8:00 a.m

The third lunch milk (milk powder) is about 12 p.m

At 2:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m

The fifth dinner supplementary food (rice noodles, porridge, rotten noodles) is about 6 p.m

The sixth night snack milk powder is about 10 p.m

By the age of 1, change the third meal to grain.


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