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Can a 1-year-old baby eat Wangwang Xianbei, bread, biscuits and other foods

0 to 3 years old is the "golden period" or "critical period" for children to gro

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0 to 3 years old is the "golden period" or "critical period" for children to grow up. Experts remind that they hope that mothers will not miss this great opportunity to cultivate their children's good personality, conduct and habits. The following ten love exhortations are expected to be useful to you who have children aged 0 to 3.

1. parents should spend more time with their children from zero to three years old, so that the children after three years old will be easy to take care of.

2. children under 3 years old are not allowed to watch TV. In particular, violent or fighting programs must not be seen by children. For this reason, it is suggested that parents and family members should not watch TV programs after dinner, but instead chat or do other physical and mental activities.

3. do not let children eat non nutritious food, such as snacks, soft drinks, candy, etc. From zero to one year old, I hope all mothers who claim to be "the best for their children" can breast feed.

4. always praise your child. Even if their children can ride bicycles when they are more than one year old, and they learn to ride bicycles when they are nearly three years old, we still say "Wow! You're great." The mood to warmly clap his hands to encourage him.

5. do not beat or scold children, but reason with them. Don't underestimate children. Most of them understand.

6. cultivate children's interest in reading, and let them see the colorful and beautiful world outside from the small window of books. Children who love reading are best taken care of. After two years of hard work, you can save a lot of effort in the next 20 years. believe me.

7. don't always take your children to the shopping center. Let them have more contact with nature, which is good for their body and creativity.

8. give them a lot of love, but never spoil them. Let them face their own life independently.

9. stand at the height of a child to understand him and understand him.

10. parents must read more parenting books to help their children grow up in stages.


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