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What are the types of cat toys?

What toys do cats like? Mila Xiaomiao will take you to find a toy suitable for your cat.1: Bite toyE

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What toys do cats like? Mila Xiaomiao will take you to find a toy suitable for your cat.

1: Bite toy

Everyone should be familiar with the story of cat and mouse. Therefore, the excrement shoveler can prepare some puppets or other materials, preferably materials that can grasp the ground. Cats can grind their teeth and claws by biting objects.

2: Toy making sound

Cats have sensitive ears, so they are naturally interested in toys that make sounds. You can prepare small balls or paper products with bells at home, which will make a sound when touched. The cat likes it very much and can play for a long time.

3: Moving objects

Using a ball or a cat cudgel can stimulate the cat's hunting instinct and achieve a good sports effect when chasing. Cats like this playful feeling very much, and this kind of movement is also easy to increase the feelings between owners and cats.

4: Jumping toys

Speaking of jumping up and down toys, this is the cat's favorite cat climbing rack. The reason why I like it is that the cat can jump high and then jump down, which completely satisfies its preference.

5: A toy drilling around

Many people have felt that the cat particularly likes this method. The cartons or bags at home can become its toys. The owner only needs to watch it enter and wait for it to come out. In fact, cats like narrow space very much. Entering them will make them feel comfortable and satisfy their desire to explore.


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